Our most procured species are of North American and African origin. Our focus and consequently our strength has always been the procurement of round logs.

We are dependant on the availability of the ever more scarce quality wood on the market and buy based on availability of supply rather than on direct demand of the market. In addition, the harvesting of trees is seasonal. In spring and summer time the wood grain of fellen trees easily discolors under the influence of the sun on the sap stream. Therefore, we must secure our wood supplies in fall and winter time, long before our customers arrive, before they are even aware of their needs.

North American Species
We do have a long log buying experience in the USA. Since mid 80’s we started buying round logs for our own veneer supply. A close collaboration with local suppliers in various purchasing areas has been established since then. Partners are generally forestry companies, sawmills, log trading companies and veneer mills. During the felling season suppliers are visited for inspection to select ourselves the premium grade veneer logs we need.

African and European Species
During the last ten years our purchasing program has been extended to African and European species. The market had changed and we experienced that our customers demanded a lesser specialized and more all-round supplier in order to cover their complete needs. Again, we started building up stock by buying our own logs and complemented it later on with graded veneers.

Most of them are custom graded and sold through our warehouse in The Netherlands.


The selected logs are processed into veneers by custom cutting factories in USA and Europe. Each log is ascribed an individual production number that relates to the tag that is applied during the purchasing process. After slicing, drying and clipping, each veneer bundle is numbered and given a barcode label containing the parcel number, log number, sequence number within the log, the dimensions and number of veneer sheets.

At the end of the production process each bundle of veneer can be traced back to the original source and growing area. After production, the complete and yet unsorted parcels are packed and shipped to our facilities in The Netherlands.

After arrival of the complete mill-run parcels, veneers are sorted in Brakel, NL according to customer requirements.